等级:k3 - 4

As a parent, you want your child to have the best start possible when it comes to education. You’re interested in more than just foundational skills like literacy, 理解, 和数学基础. You want an environment where your little learner feels loved and supported enough to make mistakes and to get back up again with the confidence that he or she is heading in the right direction. After all, these are some of the most influential and important years in your child’s 生活. 


“We teach our students that they are ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ (Psalm 139:14) 并且被设计是有目的的(耶利米书29:11).” 


At 本信托, we take a holistic, distinctively Christian approach to education. 大发彩票的课程, 文化, and community all support our biblical worldview and focus on making sure our students are prepared academically, 社会, 在情感上, 和精神上.

激发孩子的学习经验, 大发彩票不断投资于师资, 项目, 以及为大发彩票提供教育服务的设施. 你的孩子将在世界各地得到抚育 4 As Academics, Arts, Athletics, Attitude(大发彩票官网).

方法 & 文化

We take an engaging, strategic, and intentional approach to elementary Christian education.

协作. We live in an interdisciplinary world so we use the same method in the classroom, 确保学生能够适应跨学科的学习. 各种各样的个体, 小组, 大型团体活动也被纳入其中, providing opportunities for children to learn through active exploration and interaction with others.

沟通. 即使是大发彩票最年轻的学习者, 大发彩票强调良好的沟通技巧, 包括他们的写作和课堂对话. 在一年级, 作家工作坊(语言艺术课程的一部分), students start learning to develop their ideas and incorporate them into their writing.  

批判性思维. Students learn to tackle a concept through closer examination by applying, 分析, 评估, 反映, 和推理. Your child will make connections between the concrete and the abstract, solidifying those critical thinking skills that are essential in secondary and higher education. 

创造力. An education isn’t complete without engaging innovative thinking by igniting the right side of the brain. Through music, art, and other enriching activities, little learners find joy in creative pursuits. 实践项目为所有学科领域带来创新思维. 

社区. 教师 and staff support students more than just academically — they also support them spiritually, 在情感上, 和社会. 教师在课堂内外树立基督徒的价值观, 强化你在家教的课程. 大发彩票信奉基督教的接受和理解的价值观, 给大发彩票的学生一个安全的学习和成长的地方. We also encourage open communication between parents, teachers, and school administrators. Internally, our faculty and staff share student needs, concerns, and successes. 



“大发彩票的孩子在学业上和精神上都很优秀. They are growing in their faith and are encouraged to express it in their relationships (both personal and professionally). 本信托 is more than just a place to learn, it’s a place to grow and mature.”

这是军人的众多好处之一, Christian education is the individual attention each student receives. Through small class sizes, we really get to know your child, what works for them, and what doesn’t. (更多地了解孩子的课程.除了周围都是志趣相投的同龄人, 你的孩子将通过每天的课程认识耶稣基督, 圣经的世界观完全融入大发彩票的课程. 


  • 圣经
  • 语言艺术
  • 数学
  • 科学
  • 社会研究 


  • 艺术
  • 图书馆
  • 音乐
  • PE
  • 西班牙语 

大发彩票把 有趣的 在学习基础知识时! We know little learners like to stay active and therefore incorporate proven strategies for keeping them engaged:

  • Small group instruction helps limit distraction and provides more individualized instruction
  • Typing skills are introduced early on through Keyboarding Without Tears
  • Our dedicated STEM Director encourages an interdisciplinary approach through lessons, 项目, 机器人俱乐部, 和大发彩票MakerSpace
  • 互动式课程让小手忙个不停, including taking learning outdoors Various field trips throughout the year complement the curriculum and help learning come to 生活
  • Room transformations turn classrooms into exciting learning spaces 
  • Lower school students are given Brain Breaks throughout the day and opportunities for movement through recess and PE



以学生为中心的工作在课堂之外继续进行. Lower school is the time when our students use their innate curiosity to discover and explore both the world around them and their God-given talents and interests. 

体育运动去猎鹰! Lower school students are encouraged to participate in Soccer Shots, 运行困难, 及青少年发展体育. 

美术 – In addition to studying art and music as part of our curriculum, 学生们可以在大发彩票的低年级学校演出, learn to play an instrument (private music lessons are available), or showcase their work in our annual campus celebration of 美术.

大发彩票官网大发彩票的综合初中圣经课程, 深厚的根基, shows students how to apply their Christian values to everyday activities and decisions. 每周的小礼拜堂提供有意义的礼拜. 随着学生们的进步,本·里彭, they have the opportunity to pursue discipleship opportunities and join our vibrant Young Life chapter. 

课外俱乐部, 在本信托, your child has the chance to unlock new interests through various after school clubs and activities, 如动画, 芭蕾舞, 想像工程, 或机器人. 

扩展的时间表, 大发彩票理解家庭需要选择. 大发彩票的低年级学校上课时间是早上8点20分.m. – 3:00 p.m. 安排,提前护理(免费),早上7:15开始.m. 延长护理提供到下午5点45分.m.



So many of our families choose to stay at 本信托 all the way through high school graduation. 大发彩票有丰富的文化, 多样化的学生群体,1,000名以上的学生进入了k3预科到12年级. 

大发彩票最近建成了一座新的 文理中心, home to our state-of-the-art robotics lab, art gallery, choir loft, and more. And we have expanded our incredibly talented faculty to include a 美术 Director, 茎导演, 和一个属灵生命指导.



For more information, please contact 李尔 Mason, 招生 Director for 较低的学校, at 李尔.Mason@BenLippen.com or (803) 807-4111.